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Dream Catcher
    A spider was spinning his web in his own little space. It was right beside
 the sleeping place of NOKOMIS (grandmother) Each day NOKOMIS watched the  spider at work, quietly spinning away. 
     One Day while NOKOMIS was watching the spider her grandson came in. He    then yelled, " NOKOMIS-IYA" (grandmother beside you). He stomped over to the  spider, picked up a moccasin and went to smash the spider.
    "No-keeg wa" the grandmother whispered in her secret voice, (no don't hurt       him" with a puzzled face," NOKOMIS?, why do you protect the spider? asked the   grandson Nokomis Smiled but, did not answer. 
   After NOKOMIS's grandson had left the spider went to Nokomis and thanked      her for saving his life. The spider then said, "For many days you have admired my work, so, in return I will give you a gift". 
   The spider smiled an extra special SMILE. And moving away he went. soon the   moon glistened on a magical silvery web, softly moving in the door flap.  "See how I spin." He said, "watch and learn ." For each web will snare bad dreams,  and only good dreams will come through the small holes. Use it so only good dreams could be remembered, the bad dreams will become tangled and fade away.You may also use this knowledge to weave clthing and rugs. The spider give Nokomis that extra special spidery smile then he quickly left.                                                       }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

Having the willingness to become your vision and be the dream.