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Spirit Card Spread
Tarot card readings revolves around the belief that the cards are used to
gain insight into current and possible future events and situations.   
First, This is called a medicine wheel 
spread. It should only be used 
once a week or month. These cards are only shuffled once a week. 
Second, On a blank piece of paper you will need to write numbers 1 through 13 on it. Next you will draw 13 cards out of the 72 featured below. 

An  Eagle has 13 Tail Feathers
          2 Eagles have 26
Third,  Read below about your 13 paths and then combine the card you have chosen to each path.
Fourth, If you would like to make more sense of your card reading or for a more personal reading: send me your paper, name and address, and a donation to below address. 
Path 1: Creator - The Creator is the center of your circle. It is what the Great Spirit has placed    
                             inside of one of your personalities, such as your faith, values, awareness                                                 and change.

Path 2: Mother Earth - This path is the birth, nurturing and rebirth of ones self. With the                                                expressions of ones emotions we allow our hearts to expand towards the light of                                   truth allowing room for your heart to grow. 

Path 3: Father Sun - This is the time for active growth, setting future goals. This is the path  of                                       coming into your own power. Conquering your own fears, by shining your own                                      light you will lead others into seeing more clearly. 

Path 4: Grandmother Moon - Grandmother says to trust your instincts. She gives you the gift of                                    self-reflection. Listen to your inner rhythms. 

Path 5: Pipe - Indian myth has it that in ancient times, when the land was barren and the people                                    were starving, the Great Spirit sent forth a woman to save humanity. As she            
                             traveled all over the world, everywhere her right hand touched the soil grew                                           potatoes. And, everywhere her left hand touched grew corn. When the world was                                  rich and fertile, she sat down to rest. When she was rested she arose, there grew                                   tobacco. For thousands of years, tobacco has had a sacred purpose for many tribes                                It is used for prayer and to show respect, to heal and give spiritual protection.                                                                   MOST of all the Keeping of promises.

Path 6: Sweat Lodge - The sweat lodge is also known as the medicine house. Traditionally it is used                               to purify ones spirit being inside and to chase out all the evil. It is also used used to 
                             chase out sickness such as fever or a runny nose.

Path 7: Vision / Dream - A vision is a turning point taken at the time when a child becomes an                                       adult. (Puberty) A vision quest can be taken anytime that one is confused or                                          looking for answers.  Here is where one discovers their missions in life. It also is a                               form of purification. A vision could includes long walks in nature, fasting, sleep                                  depravation or being closed in a small room. Sometimes thoughts of craziness set                                  in and to others it doesn't. A vision is when the birds, animals, Mother Earth or the
                             Great Spirit speaks to you giving you a lead in what direction to go. 

Path 8: Dream Catcher - A spider was spinning his web in his own little space. It was right beside
                             the sleeping place of NOKOMIS (grandmother) Each day NOKOMIS watched the                                 spider at work, quietly spinning away. 
                                   One Day while NOKOMIS was watching the spider her grandson came in. He                                   then yelled, " NOKOMIS-IYA" (grandmother beside you). He stomped over to the                                 spider, picked up a moccasin and went to smash the spider.
                                   "No-keeg wa" the grandmother whispered in her secret voice, (no don't hurt                                     him" with a puzzled face," NOKOMIS?, why do you protect the spider? asked the                                  grandson Nokomis Smiled but, did not answer. 
                                    After NOKOMIS's grandson had left the spider went to Nokomis and thanked                                  her for saving his life. The spider then said, "For many days you have admired my                                 work, so, in return I will give you a gift". 
                                    The spider smiled an extra special SMILE. And moving away he went. soon the                               moon glistened on a magical silvery web, softly moving in the door flap.  "See how                                I spin." He said, "watch and learn ." For each web will snare bad dreams,  and only                                good dreams will come through the small holes. Use it so only good dreams could                                be remembered, the bad dreams will become tangled and fade away. The spider                                     give Nokomis that extra special spidery smile then he quickly left.                                                             }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

Path 9: Talking Stick - The Talking Stick is a great Indian tool. It is used when there is a calling of                                 councils. A talking stick allows members to speak their sacred point of view. The                                   talking stick is  passed from one member to another. The only member allowed to                                speak is the one with the stick. With every Talking stick there is an answering                                       feather.  When the holder of the stick asks a question the answering feather is                                       passes until the question has been answered. Talking stick ornaments have their                                  own meanings of different colors.
                                                    Red - Life
                                                     Yellow- Knowledge
                                                     Blue - prayer
                                                     White - is for Spirit
                                                     Purple - Healing
                                                     Orange - Kinship
                             The Answering feather also have their own meanings. 
                                                     Eagle Feathers - High Ideas
                                                     Turkey - Peace
                                                     Owl - Good Medicine & to stop deception 
                                                               from entering the space of the sacred council 
                             Hides And fur have their own meanings.
                                                      Buffalo - Abundance
                                                      Elk - Physical fitness
                                                      Deer - Gentleness
                                                      Rabbit - Ability to listen better with big ears
                                                      Horse Hair - connection to the earth and the spirits of the wind
                                                      Snake Skins are Healing

Path 10: Drum - There are 5 kinds of drums.
                                     Medicine drum is the most like the tambourine. A medicine man or woman                                     can enter into a trance by listening to it from one of their students. While deep                                      with in the trance  they come into a clearing between two  forests.
                             The clearing between the forest of the natural world and the forest of the spirit                                     world. The medicine people went into trances seeking help from the Great Spirit                                   for healing of the sick. Praying for a good hunt or a rain for their fields.
                                     Ceremonial Drum - This drum was used for gathering of its people. 
                             Sundance, Naming Ceremony, Vision Quest,
                                      Floor drum or TOMTOM is almost always made from a hollow log, and there                                was always one found in every home - tipi it is the symbol of the heart beat
                             of every home, Found by the husband and gave to the wife.
                                       Hand drums were used in times of festivals - good hunts, birthdays or                                           weddings.
                                       POW WOW drums are the biggest and deepest of all drums. It is said that
                             these drums contain the voice of the woman who brought the drum to the people.
                             Some Indians Believe it is the Heart of MOTHER EARTH.
Path 11: Story Teller - Story telling was left to the elders, they had a way of bring the past into the                                 present in helping us make the most important decisions of the future. 

Path 12: Medicine Bowl - It is time to develop your knowledge. It may also be time to develop                                    your heart & your health, with the gifts of intuition, seeing, hearing. and                                                 observation. Sometimes it is best just  by fallowing the coincidences  that play into                               your life. 

Path 13: Prayer- I open my heart with greatest of trust and belief that the great spirit will                                  assist  me on the path I am about to fallow. In honoring all things the gift                               of motherly nurturing.