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    There are 5 kinds of drums.
             Medicine drum is the most like the tambourine. A medicine man or woman can enter into a trance by listening to it from one of their students. While deep with in the trance  they come into a clearing between two  fores                    The clearing between the forest of the natural world and the forest of the spirit        world. The medicine people went into trances seeking help from the Great Spirit     for healing of the sick. Praying for a good hunt or a rain for their fields.
              Ceremonial Drum - This drum was used for gathering of its people. 
                                                  Sundance, Naming Ceremony, Vision Quest,
              Floor drum or TOMTOM is almost always made from a hollow log, and there was always one found in every home - tipi it is the symbol of the heart beat
of every home, Found by the husband and gave to the wife.
               Hand drums were used in times of festivals - good hunts, birthdays or                                           weddings.
              POW WOW drums are the biggest and deepest of all drums. It is said that
these drums contain the voice of the woman who brought the drum to the people.
                 Some Indians Believe it is the Heart of MOTHER EARTH.

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