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Talking Stick
The Talking Stick is a great Indian tool. It is used when there is a calling of councils. A talking stick allows members to speak their sacred point of view. The talking stick is  passed from one member to another. The only member allowed to speak is the one with the stick. With every Talking stick there is an answering feather. When the holder of the stick asks a question the answering feather is            passes until the question has been answered. Talking stick ornaments have their own meanings of different colors.
                                        Red - Life
                                    Yellow- Knowledge
                                       Blue - prayer
                                    White - is for Spirit
                                   Purple - Healing
                                  Orange - Kinship
The Answering feather also have their own meanings. 
                     Eagle Feathers - High Ideas
                                   Turkey - Peace
                       Owl - Good Medicine & to stop deception 
                                  from entering the space of the sacred council      Hides And fur have their own meanings.
                                     Buffalo - Abundance
                                            Elk - Physical fitness
                                          Deer - Gentleness
                                       Rabbit - Ability to listen better with big ears
                               Horse Hair - connection to the earth and the spirits                                                        of the wind
                                   Snake Skins are Healing

     Being true to your sacred point of view.